Friday, October 14, 2016

Writers read

I had a conversation with a writer friend of mine recently that   irked me. He said to me, “I don’t read, I just like to write.” Suffice it to say, it pretty much took the National Guard to   pull my jaw off the floor. I was appall to hear that this. I was even more appalled to learn that this is the way that many writers I know feel. To me, being a writer that says he/she doesn’t read books is like being an executive at Nike who doesn’t wear sneakers and around town barefoot. If you are a writer who does not read, you are willfully participating in the decay of your craft and consenting to thee rise to an uncreative and uniformed society.
This problem is at the root of our mass-produced, highly superficial and woefully unoriginal creative media. It is my belief, that every writer in every genre should be erudite about at least one thing. In-depth knowledge about something influences your writing and makes it stronger, and for fiction writer, gives your stories verisimilitude. That strength only comes from reading. Read something—a book, a work of poetry, a magazine or even a chewing gum wrapper. It will help you go far. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Why I write

I’ve been a writer since before I could spell. I recall lining up all of my toys on the floor of the bedroom of the rickety old row house apartment where I grew up, creating these complex narratives that had their own continuity. Some of those narratives were dramas, mysteries and a lot of them were my first love, science fiction. 
My mother used to read stories out of an oversized book of fairytales(not the Disney versions).Stories full of magic, wizardry and not-so happily ever afters. One day my father bought me my first Superman comic, all full of flying men in red and blue tights and Lex Luthor in his green battle armor. He read part of the story to me, giving me the desire to create something that incredible.
And then I turned four, when I learned to spell, read and write(Thanks to sesame street). It was all over from there. Creativity flowed through my veins like my very own blood, thicker and more eternal and wet always a part of me. 
I went through grade school and later high school still with writing very much in my bones and blood and soul. For much of my life as a child, I was a loner, though not by choice. Like anyone growing up I felt that no one quite understood me or even cared to. Eventually, I came to the conclusion to stop waiting for someone to understand me and my dreams and just be me. 
I went on to high school, College and finally graduate school. And still l writing remained a part of me, I self-published my First novel at age twenty-three. The first of many manuscripts to make it past the hard drive on my computer. I worked a whole summer at a plant that assembled chain link fences to make the money I needed to do it.
And then I got hurt. I ended up in a three- day coma and woke up unable to stand light. The pain was more spiritual and psychological than it was physical. Still, I continued to write. Unable to work in my chosen career as a graphic artist, unable to earn the money to self- publish. Surrounded by doubters, haters and saboteurs, I continued to write until I published my second novel. Some thirteen years after the first. Why? Writing is my passion—my dream. I don’t care if people don’t understand it. I don’t care if anyone ever reads a word I’ve written. I love to write. It is my passion— my dream. My dream is a reality. My message to you is that your dreams, whatever they are, should be your reality no matter what. Your dreams must be a part of you. You have to nurture them, feed and want them like your very next breath. And never, ever let anyone or anything take your breath away.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Cradle Will Fall is in production

My new book is in production. The most frustrating part of the experience is that writing a book it's not just about the story and getting the words on the page. Having the wherewithal to make it through the production aspect takes patience and a little bit of faith. I'm in this The space where I need to rest in the idea that most of the work is done. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how many obstacles getin the way I will get this done.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


I've been working on my own personal branding. I believe everyone should have a unique image associated with their identity. All of them different like fingerprints so that you individually be identified with one everlasting symbol. Here's the one I was working on.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My inspiration: My advice for good story ideas

A lot of people ask me how I got the idea for Three Blind Mice and the Tangled Web Trilogy. Well actually, Three Blind Mice was intended to be a standalone book.when I finish it I was curious as to what would happen next. What happens to these characters after all the mayhem They cause? I got to thinking and I saw something in a movie and watched a few times that gave me an idea. It was Scream 3. And in that part where Jamie Kennedy's character explains the rules of A good trilogy, I thought to myself "that is in the central truth." After all the trilogies I've read, all the good ones in the ffollow those rules. I have always had an ex and obsession with lreading trilogies and always wanted to write one. So I have to re-reading, I saw the Elements in the story that needed to be explored. All the things that make all of these larger than life characters who they are. And that's the new book is about

So my advice to new and potential writers struggling to find their next idea or inspiration,  is to take t a good look at something else for familiar to you and see it in a new way. No matter how pointless and stupid it may seem. Anything and everything has its own validity. Inspiration to come home from something new and out of the blue. Just a few simple words and simple truth can be enough.
My new book,The Cradle Will Fall will be out soon. I'm nearly done the editing process.l Like the first book,it also has a stellar ending that you didn't see coming.

Monday, November 9, 2015

three Blind Mice Synopsis


As promised here is the synopsis for my book Three Blind Mice.  More about the rest of the Tangled Web trilogy to come.

Some call him a sadist. . . 

Some call him a sociopath. . . 

Only one thing is certain about Sloan Phoenix.

Everyone to ever cross him has regretted it!

Now the most Vindictive man in Carolina Bay has become the newest patient of Doctor Judy Palmer. But can the city’s   best psychiatrist bring remorse to a man with a devious mind, a deadly charm and no moral compass?

As Sloan Prepared for his wedding to his fiancĂ©e, Kristen, he discovered that she planned to leave him for his close friend, Mike Prescott. Having already earned the contempt of Mike’s Sister Chloe, their mother, Mrs. Prescott and Sloan’s Coworker Julian, Sloan laid out an elaborate plot for revenge.

Judy Palmer’s world crumbles when she discovers her husband, Charlie is having an affair. As her marriage falls apart, Judy falls deeper into Sloan’s dark world of deception, duplicity and murder. And though she shields herself with principles she swore to uphold, she becomes vulnerable to his words, his charm and what he calls his three rules of engagement for revenge:

Always know your opponent,

Always get the upper hand.

And always—always land on your feet.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Three Blind Mice by Ian Black

Hey everyone,
Ian Black  here. To talk about my series of books the tangled web trilogy.  The first novel,Three Blind Mice, was released earlier this year. The book is about scandal, deception, and bloody bloody revenge!  It is about aman by the name of Sloan Phoenix who has to seek therapy for the elaborate revenge he took out on a very wealthy family, the Prescotts. He he tells the story to his therapist, Dr. Judy Palmer. In the midst of learning more about him Judy learns that her husband of 30 years is having an affair with someone very very close to her. The real question becomes, Will she take out the same revenge on her husband the same way Sloan did with the Prescotts? What happens next is an ultimate surprise. The synopsis he's coming later. I'm very excited about this. Parts two and three of the trilogy are soon to come. I'll post the Synopsis later on.